Tuesday, 28 June 2011

poem 1st kami,,lalalala~


I felt dissapointed ,                                                                                          
To know that you are liar,                                                                                
To know that you are cheater,                                                                           
To know that you are deceiver

The world is empty,
No one knows the situation,
Many problems incurred alone,
Each day ends with silence and loneliness,
Sad and crying to end my life journey

Loyalness is all dedicated to only you,
My love is like a plant,
That is fertilized with the fertilizer in the world,
I have painted my words into rainbow
in the sky as my row to you,
i need you like a heart needs a beat,
what is the best words to have your trust in me?

At that time,
Take the long rope,
Tied to the neck,
Like a smart bow,
It is like a preparation,
To go to ‘heaven’.

Love is nothing without trust,
So,i am nothing without you,
As you said i am taking back my love,
My heart stopped,
The supply of blood into my veins
 become slower and slower,
My body could not bare anymore,
This is the of the world.

I am breathless,
My heart stop beating,
Love left with hope,
I am totally cold and GONE..